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Hi guys,

So first of all, in regards to the name of this blog, it was inspired by the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" but for the least sentimental of reasons. It's a great movie though, brings up some pretty strong nostalgia.

Getting a good night's sleep has always been a big problem for me and I am sometimes awake till the break of dawn and begrudgingly snooze through the bustle of an apartment complex's morning routine.

I wasn't born in Taipei, I'm an expat here.

I used to live on coffee until I was banned to take even a sip for obvious reasons.

I now write under a lamp with a bottle of Tang or Lemonade next to me.

I also write while listening to classical music and usually have like a dozen tabs open at once.

I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly curious and I love to share everything I discover or learn no matter how insignificant it may be.

My Resolution for This Year!

Be a better, more dedicated blogger.

That's it I guess, 

For Now.